Welcome to the music and musical instrument gallery of Joellen Lapidus. 

Listen to music from traditions as different as the Southern Appalachian Mountains, Eastern Europe and sunny Southern California.   Mountain dulcimer, accordion, guitar, dumbeck, violin, viola, upright bass, spoons: it's all here. 

Take a look at Inlaid and carved dulcimers of unusual shapes and themes from the Big Sur coast of California to the pelican and whale inhabited beaches of Los Angeles.  This is my world and the inspiration for my creations. 

If you're a dulcimer enthusiast, check out Lapidus on Dulcimer 2  for instruction whether you're a total beginner or an advanced player. 

Browse around these pages, listen to some music, check out some dulcimers, buy a CD or a book or send me a note on my contact page HERE


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Joellen Lapidus

House Concert, Santa Monica, CA

8PM Joellen Lapidus on dulcimer, accordion, and vocals with Yvette Devereaux on violin.